The Goddess Bootcamp (The Book)

I wrote this book for you…


You are meant for a juicy life filled with pleasure, passion and purpose.

The Goddess Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimango

“I never realised I was trapped in a half-lived life of ‘fine’, ‘okay’, and ‘whatever’ until I read Goddess Bootcamp. Most importantly I never realised settling goes against one’s covenant with happiness and success. It’s not natural to be dissatisfied, unhappy or gatvol. The workshop elements after every chapter are challenging (it wouldn’t be bootcamp otherwise!) as the book encourages you to be active – not passive – in the journey of rediscovering your power and beauty. A book I’m buying for each of my girlfriends – I wouldn’t want to be the only goddess in my circles!” – Sbu Mpungose, former editor of True Love and Cosmopolitan SA.


This book continues to change many women’s lives. You can get a copy from Exclusive Books, online from or locally from

azzaLegato with her copy

You cannot just sit and read this book, you need to get up and DO this book. If you’re not up for a challenge, put it down now. There’s a feeling of quiet discomfort as you begin. It may be a feeling of knowing that there has got to be more to life than just this. You know that something has got to change, but you just don’t know how to get started. Authored by a woman, and unapologetically written exclusively for women, Goddess Bootcamp does not define women with reference to men; it’s all about Woman Consciousness. I had many, many moments when I actually said out loud, “Exactly!” If you were there, I would have high-fived you! Claire Mawisa, TV and radio personality

Nombulelo with her copy

The Goddess Bootcamp is also available as an ebook, which you can purchase here  Kalahari or Amazon.

See you on the other side of OKAY.

16 thoughts on “The Goddess Bootcamp (The Book)

  1. Masana says:

    I’m thinking of hosting a ladies lunch for about 30-40 ladies. I would like for you to come and speak about your book and give advise.
    Do you charge for such appearances and what do you offer?

  2. Prudence Marule says:

    Hi Kagiso, I heard you speak on Metro on woman who have everything going for them but still cant attract the type of partner they want in order to sustain a relationship.. I’m wondering if this the same book you were launching last week? on this very topic among others?

  3. Thozama says:

    Hi Kagiso

    I would like to know whether you have The Goddess Bootcamp in audio version as well? Do you have any other materials that are available through this medium?

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Leeds says:

    Good day Kagiso,

    Is the Goddess Bootcamp Book not available anymore/ I have tried Loot, Take A Lot and Exclusive books to no avail.


      • Leeds says:

        I am a sucker for feeling the paper. Will call Menlyn and if I don’t win, I will get the ebook.

        Thank you

      • Kagiso Msimango says:

        Me too.
        It’s been reprinted like 5 times. It’s just such a mission to convince the publisher to do yet another reprint. They never quite believe that it will sellout again…but it does.

        Anyway, I am looking at doing an audiobook of it next year.

  5. sithandiwe says:

    Hi Kagiso, I am struggling to get your first book.I have looked at a number of exclusive books but to no avail. Is there a way you can help?

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