We are all storytellers. We author our lives. Throughout your life, your mind tells stories to speak of its journey. We are constantly telling stories to ourselves and others. Some people’s stories are empowering, while others have disempowering stories. What kind of story are you telling at the moment? Are you telling a happy story … Continue reading #SELFLOVEFEB DAY 27: FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR STORY

Goal Setting and Manifestation Playshop

Event: A practical playshop – we’ll be working with your actual goals - where you will learn: All the elements you need to consider to set goals for maximum success, The feminine side of goal manifestation, the “invisible”, but crucial steps between setting the goal and implementing it, that people often neglect at their peril. The knowledge, skill, tool & tips acquired from this playshop will exponentially increase you chances of realising any goal you set.