About The Goddess Academy


~ a place of specialised training
~ a female being of supernatural powers or attributes
~ a woman of great beauty and grace
~ a female deity, a female god

The Goddess Academy is a personal development organisation for women, founded in 2006 by Kagiso Msimango, a personal growth and transformation coach.

At The Goddess Academy we share uncommon knowledge and empowering tools aimed at inspiring and supporting women to DARE TO HAVE THE LIVES THEY TRULY WANT.

Through The Goddess Academy, Kagiso Msimango offers:

– talks,

 – workplayshops,

– eCourses,

– events, and

– Coaching: one-on-one and group

Designed to support and inspire women to create lives they truly love. YOU NEVER NEED TO SETTLE FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU WANT, YOU ARE NOT DUST. YOU ARE A GODDESS.

KM signature Personal Growth & Transformation-01

Kagiso Msimango is a certified IAW Facilitator-Coach; trained to affirm and empower women, through a coaching protocol designed specifically for women. She is the author of the bestselling The Goddess Bootcamp and Coach/host of the top rated TV-show Mokapelo on SABC 1.

10 thoughts on “About The Goddess Academy

  1. Phindile Ndlazi says:

    After hearing the talk about LONELY and ALONE I realised how I never spend time with myself and how lonely I actually am. I’m already loving this blog.

  2. Dimakatso Rasoaisi says:

    Wow! Thank the Universe for timing. I m at a point in my life where I m practicing living in awareness and in the now. Reading your book I hear you beyond my ears. How do I get in touch and come to learn more at the academy. I found my tribe in your story and I would like to send my deepest appreciation for your journey. Thank you kindly.

  3. Aldreana says:

    Hello. My name is Aldreana. I’ve just started reading The Goddess Bootcamp 2 days ago and the aha moments are endless. I haven’t worked on the activities yet and already like a snake I’m shedding the skin of hurt and resentment. Thank you for this great book. You are truly a blessing.

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