I have a message for you from the Water.

This is a long post with an equally long introduction, for context. If you’d like to skip straight to the message from the water scroll down to the bit under the title MESSAGE FROM THE WATER.

A curious thing started happening to me a few months ago. I was being harassed by Water. I was constantly thinking about water, intrusive thoughts I couldn’t get out of my mind. I was also dreaming about it. I even had a dream that was simply a slideshow, yes like a PowerPoint presentation, of different bodies of water – lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, waterfalls. No commentary, nothing, just different images of water flashing past. I didn’t know what to do with this water bombardment, so I did nothing. Then a water pipe burst a few metres from my gate, and for a few hours there was a river of water gushing past my house. Thank Goddess it was not sewerage water!


I started feeling a bit like Evan Almighty, in that movie with Steve Carell where God, in the very convincing form of Morgan Freeman, appeared to Evan and asked him to build an Ark. So I decided to be proactive. I started reading books on water, watching documentaries on water, YouTube videos, taking long baths while invoking the Spirit of Water to help me understand its message for me. My family started making fun of my water obsession.

Despite my best intentions, I was making very little progress. Nothing resonated.

I mentioned my frustration to my BodyTalk therapist. He tuned in for me (I don’t know how he does that) and told me to watch Bruce Lee’s video clip on water. The minute I got home I looked for the clip on Youtube. I was disappointed to find that it was half a minute long, and delivered very little in the way of a grand revelation. I looked for, and found the full interview. Dishearteningly it turned out those 30 seconds are the only time in the entire interview that he talks about water.

I continued to talk to the water in my bath, shower, my drinking water, as well as when I did my seven directions prayer; asking it to clarify its message for me. (ASIDE: The direction of the water element is West)

Then I went for a mushroom ceremony, with the intention of finding clarity and a new perspective on something I was grappling with in my personal life. Which I didn’t think had anything to do with my “water problem”.

The mushroom delivered. I got clarity on the issue that led me to ceremony in the first place, and finally figured out what the water was trying to tell me.

Hallelujah, peace at last.


At the time I naturally assumed the message was just for me. I was wrong. The Water was back, insisting that I share it. Yes, I appreciate how crazy this sounds.

First I shared it with the women doing my Awakening Women Path course, but seemingly that was not enough. As I am typing this, I was busy with something else, which I had to drop to write this post at the Water’s insistence.


We need to let go of our roles. We are trapped by them.

Roles restrict our expression. They steal our energy, and prevent us from being present in the moment.

We all have various roles we have adopted – CEO, Wife, Mother, Teacher, Fixer, Lover, Feminist, Bitch, Strong Woman, Writer, Black Sheep of the family, and so on.

Infinite Beings

We are infinite beings, outstandingly bigger than our roles. When you say “I AM a mother”, you reduce yourself to a minuscule part of your whole expression.

We need to stop I AMing our roles.

Imagine yourself as a rainbow. Anyone of your roles is like one of the colours in a rainbow. When you say “I AM Red”. You restrict and constrict the other 6 colours, and therefore the full expression of your infinite self.

Loss of Energy & Restriction

Where does the Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange go when you claim to be Red? They have to constrict, which takes up a LOT of energy on your part. Did you ever consider that your roles may be contributing to your feelings of exhaustion?

So what is one to do?

BE your roles, do not I AM them.

I BE Red, is completely different from I AM Red. This might not make intellectual sense, but feel into it. Say “I AM Red”, check how that feels in your body and energy field. Do you feel lighter or heavier? Expansive or constricted? Then say “I BE Red” and monitor how that feels. Try this out with any of your roles.

Let’s try a different analogy.

istockphoto-521204788-612x612Imagine that you are going to war, and you put on your battle armour. Then after the war you are invited to a victory ball, which you attend dressed in your battle armour.

That’s crazy, right?

It will be very cumbersome for you to party in your heavy, clunky and clanky, metal suit.

When you say “I AM a warrior”, you are taking your battle armour onto the dance floor. Whereas when you say “I BE a warrior”, when you are done battling, you can take off the armour and put on a beautiful gown to go to the ball.

Inability to be Present

A role we are I AMing prevents us from being fully in the present moment.

For example, many of us have had sex wearing our Mother role, with very little of our presence and awareness available to the act of lovemaking, while the majority is devoted to listening out for the stirrings of the baby in the other room. We literally have to go on a Dirty Weekend Away to be present during our lovemaking.

It is possible to BE a mother while you are mothering, and BE a lover while you make love. If the baby wakes up and starts crying during lovemaking you will hear it, even if you were being a lover. Then you can simply switch to being a mother. There is very little fun to be had in making love while you are wearing your Mother role. When you choose to BE you can respond appropriately from moment to moment. Stop going to the ball in your battle armour.

This is what Chuck Spezzano of Psychology of Vision has to say about roles: Adopting roles is the number one cause of burnout and the second greatest dynamic for stress. Every role ‘proves’ something about you, which is frequently the opposite of what you really believe about yourself. Where there is any difficulty in your life, it is a sign you are living your life in roles, rather than with true contact, communication or authenticity.”

Back to the rainbow analogy.


Remember when you played with a prism in science class and you “split” white light or the Sun’s rays into the colours of the rainbow? The light entered on one end, and out came this array of colours at the other end.

You are that light that contains all the colours.

You are infinite.

You are so much more than the roles you use to define, and invariably restrict yourself.

In the words of Bruce Lee “Be formless, shapeless, like water.”



  1. Zandile Mazwayi says:

    Wow Kagiso. Perhaps my semi-useful dad is more enlightened than I realized. We had this conversation about roles about a year ago & he was telling me what nonsense they are. He even had the audacity to tell me, to my face: ‘father is just a role’…so he was saying, ‘i be father’. What a wow.

    Thank you for this wisdom.

    On Tue, 23 Jul 2019, 12:01 PM THE GODDESS ACADEMY BLOG, wrote:

    > Kagiso Msimango posted: “I have a message for you from the Water. This is > a long post with an equally long introduction, for context. If you’d like > to skip straight to the message from the water scroll down to the bit under > the title MESSAGE FROM THE WATER. A curious thing starte” >

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