The one

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This is our last #selflovefeb post. I grappled with what I should make the last post about. Wanting to finish with a bang and all that. I decided that the finale should be about THE ONE.

Don’t roll your eyes. Hang in there, even if you already have a partner or don’t want one.

If you were with your dream partner who treated you exactly the way you long to be treated, how would you behave?

Take time to really imagine how you would be different if you were with The One.

What would you be, do and have?

Once you have a handle on this alternate reality start incorporation those actions, attitudes and things into your life right now because you are with The One, you are The One.

Then sit back and enjoy what you see reflected back to you in the mirror of your relationships.

I have really enjoyed this selflovefeb journey. I am especially grateful to the people who emailed me back sharing their journey with me. I do hope some of the practices stick with you in the long run. Once again I’d like to invite your to join our tribe on Facebook if you are not already a member. We are a motley crew of Sistars, Goddesses, Bitches and Witches committed to unlearning all the baggage that has dimmed our shine.


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