We are all storytellers. We author our lives.

Throughout your life, your mind tells stories to speak of its journey. We are constantly telling stories to ourselves and others.


Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

Some people’s stories are empowering, while others have disempowering stories. What kind of story are you telling at the moment?

Are you telling a happy story or a sad story? Is it a triumphant story of healing or a tragedy? Have you cast yourself as the queen, a little vulnerable princess, or the bitter, ugly stepsister? Does your story add to or take away from the quality of your life and the realisation of your desires?

You are the writer, director, producer and casting agent, so you get to choose. If you are not feeling this story, you can change it.

We tend to believe that we are shaped by our past experiences, BUT in fact to a very large extent your past is a story. You can change your past by changing your story and thus change the direction your future is likely to take.

Your story creates your reality, because you behave and perceive your experiences in accordance with the plot and the character you have cast for yourself and others.

3 ways to free yourself from a disempowering story.

Change the theme of your story

  1. Write your story.
  2. Examine it: If your life were a movie or a book, what would its name be?
  3. Decide what kind of story it is – a happy story, a love story, a sad story, a tragedy, a story of struggle and suffering, a story of martyrdom, an exciting story, a boring story, or a triumphant story of rising above great odds?
  4. Strip it of all interpretations, just leave the facts
  5. Based on the facts, change the interpretation to fit a different genre, change it into a funny story, or a story of courage, a story of self-discovery, etc
  6. Do this at least 3 times i.e. each time come up with a different story to string the facts together.
  7. This will teach you that how you see and tell your story is not cast in stone.

See your story holistically

We tend to see our story in a one sided manner depending on whether we have deemed it a good story or a bad story. In reality all stories have costs and benefits. List all the liabilities that have arisen from your story. Then also list all the assets you gained from your story. Understand that this is the way of the world. That absolutely everything has a “good” side and a “bad” side, so technically your story can’t be bad or good for that matter. It just is.

Change the ending

If these two don’t work to help you like the story you have lived so far, create a new story from this point onwards. It ain’t over till it’s over, right?

You can join us on the BHAD conscious creation programme to manifest a new life, a worth second act to your story.

If you feel like you may need some one-on-one support you can schedule a free discovery coaching session with me here.



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