I am going to take one last stab at this case for pleasure.


Image by Preslie Hitsch from unsplash.com


Dr Joe Vitale, famous as one of the major contributors to The Secret, says that happy people burn more calories than depressed or angry people. He lost over 30 kilos by focusing his attention, thoughts and actions on things that brought him joy. Think about it, when you are feeling good and filling your life with activities you love you are unlikely to be vegetating on the couch stuffing your face.

I’ve gone to great lengths to make a CASE FOR PLEASURE. (If this is the first of the “case for pleasure” posts that you are reading go on to the blog to check the rest out.) This is because our society worships at the altar of pain and suffering. We repeat mantras like “No pain, no gain” , “love hurts” and “Life’s a bitch, then you marry one, who then divorces you and takes all your shit”.

We are taught that pleasure is a frivolous waste of time. As women we are socialized to put the needs of others before our own and when we put ourselves first we are called selfish, bad mothers, and so on.

Q: Did you know that depression affects twice as many women as men?

This 2:1 ratio applies regardless of economic status or race.

This is serious ladies. The way we are currently doing life is simply not working.

Q: Can you allocate a daily minimum of 3 minutes for your personal delight?

Three minutes is a very short time, in fact, it’s the average duration of a song. Maybe, for starters, you can dance to a favourite song each morning, like nobody is watching or even better, like everybody is watching. Yeah baby, do it like you are doing it for TV. Then work your way up to doing 3 things per day for no other reasons other than that they make you feel good.

I will tell you upfront that it is easier said than done, because it requires swimming against the tide.

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