Do you often feel guilty when you indulge in pleasurable pursuits without a “good reason” yet happily do nice things for other people without an ounce of guilt?

Our society values doing good over feeling good. A high you acquire from spending the day at an orphanage socially trumps one acquired from an indulgent day at a beauty spa, am I right?

When Iman, the Somalian Supermodel and widow of David Bowie, was in South Africa to launch her cosmetics range she made a statement, that “when women feel good, they do good” Perhaps she made this statement because she wanted to sell her cosmetics, but being an accomplished philanthropist she probably made it because she has experienced it as the truth.

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Doing good does feel good, but it is generally not the best starting point for women. Men and women are wired differently and when women do good in order to feel good we often end up burnt out and/or resentful.

Vedic Astrology, using the four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire- demonstrates that for women FEELINGS PRECEDE ACTIONS. When women feel good about themselves they are inclined to do good. Think about it, when you are down in the dumps you don’t even want to get out of your pyjamas. On the other hand when you feel good, say you are feeling beautiful, loved and appreciated, you are inclined towards actions which will spread the joy. When we feel loved we want to spread the love.

With men on the other hand ACTIONS PRECEDE FEELINGS. Men use actions to feel good. Women’s good feelings lead to good actions. A man who can’t do good, say for example one who can’t protect and provide for his family will feel miserable and emasculated.

So let’s see how I am doing so far. We’ve learned

  • from a Doctor that; Pleasure is good for your physical wellbeing, and your emotional wellbeing, and
  • we heard from a Celebrity Philanthropist and a Vedic astrologer that for us women feeling good leads to doing good.

 Believe it or not I have more…tomorrow.

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