“Pleasure is an essential nutrient that you need, each and every day, to become and remain healthy.”

Do you think this statement was made by

  1. A Medical Doctor
  2. A Rock Star
  3. An 18th Century Duchess
  4. A Reality TV Star

The answer is (1) A Medical Doctor. The name of the Doctor is Dr. Christiane Northrup. She is a leading Women’s Health expert, and a multiple New York Times bestselling author. Her first book – Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom is a must read for all women, in my opinion.

I used to give a talk called “THE CASE FOR PLEASURE.” Isn’t it weird that we live in a society where you need to make a case for pleasure? When did we become so addicted to suffering and strife?

The next couple of #selflovefeb days I am going to put the case for pleasure to you. I hope that when I am done you will understand and appreciate why you must make pleasure a priority.  If you still have pesky conditioning eliciting massive amounts of guilt when you think about prioritising your pleasure, you should probably get on The Awakening Women Path and we’ll help you unlearn all this terrible conditioning.

As the accomplished Dr. Northrup, preaches – “Pleasure is essential.” It is not a luxury. It is not a reward. You don’t have to go through a horrible day first in order to earn it.

Pleasure is not a treat for special occasions. It does not have to be your anniversary, birthday or Women’s month for you to give yourself some Vitamin P. P for Pleasure, get your mind out of the gutter.

I am here to show you that a daily dose of Vitamin P is the future. I am going to call up Doctors, a Philanthropist, Scientists, even an astrologer to help me make this CASE FOR PLEASURE.

Let’s start with Dr. Northrup’s assertion: “Pleasure is an essential nutrient that you need, each and every day, to become and remain healthy.”

Joy. Bliss. Enjoyment. Delight. Ecstasy. Rapture. Glee is a daily must have for your wellbeing.

So what makes Pleasure essential to your health?

One of the reason’s is a chemical called Nitric Oxide which is released by the walls of our blood vessels. Nitric Oxide:

  1. Assists the immune system to fight off bacteria
  2. It regulates blood pressure
  3. It reduces inflammation, which happens to be the underlying cause of most disease.
  4. It improves sleep quality. This is another big one. Our physical, mental and emotional health slowly but surely falls apart when we lack quality sleep for prolonged periods of time. AND, it has been proven that women need more sleep than men, yet we tend to sacrifice our sleep more often.
  5. It increases endurance and strength
  6. It improves would healing
  7. It prevents blood clots.

Nitric Oxide is clearly crucial in maintaining physical health, but what does it have to do with the Case for Pleasure? When you experience pleasure your body releases Nitric Oxide. Direct link between pleasure and physical health.

But wait, there is more:

High levels of Nitric Oxide trigger the release of other feel-good chemicals, like Serotonin, Dopamine and Beta-endorphins. So pleasure makes you feel better physically and emotionally. Which explains why a daily does of Vitamin P is essential.

How am I doing on the Case for Pleasure? I have established that pleasure is good for your physical and emotional well-being, but wait, there’s more…tomorrow.

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