You know what’s one of our greatest sources of misery as human beings?

We cannot not want what we want; yet we often believe we cannot have what we want. So what happens is that we settle for what we think we can have, instead of going for what we want, and then we become miserable because that doesn’t in anyway change what we want. We still want what we want. Now we are at war with ourselves, and often with other people as well.

never settle.

I used to have a boyfriend in varsity who was often frustrated by my clarity around what I wanted or didn’t want. He once proclaimed, in exasperation “You love saying ‘no’. You are always so quick to say ‘no’.”

I asked, “What you’d would like me to say when I don’t want something?”

“Say maybe”

“Okay, I’ll say maybe. But just so you know, my maybe means no.” 

I have always been aware of my inability (and unwillingness) to settle. Heck, I even made a career out of it – women empowerment. Many women shy way from the concept of power, especially personal power. Power is simply the ability to effect change. In situations where you can influence circumstances you have power, the degree of your power will be demonstrated by how much you can influence the situation. In situations where you cannot influence circumstances, you are powerless. It is literally as simple as that. I am in the business of empowering women so that they have the ability to influence their lives and never have to settle for less than their heart’s truest desires.

I chose the name of The Goddess Academy very deliberately. An academy is a place of study,  and The Goddess Academy is a space where women can access knowledge, tools and support to unlock their power.

Settling makes us sick – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It makes us bitter and very unpleasant to be around. Anyone who has been brought up by  a parent who has settled knows how you are infected by the poison of their bitterness. People often settle in romantic relationships as well,  then proceed to make their poor partner live miserably ever after.

Stop that shite!

Stop it.

It serves no one. It is not loving to you, or anyone else. No one ever benefits from you settling, even the people or things you settle for/because of.

In yesterday’s post I referred briefly to the BHAD conscious creation programme I run. We make use of Universal Laws (such as but not limited to The Law of Attraction) and the seasons (yes, as in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) to manifest our Biggest Hairiest most Audacious Goals. The programme starts now in March so join now by clicking here to pay via monthly subscriptions, or here for a once-off annual subscription with a 9% discount.

If you have questions, send me an email and I will be happy to answer them.

Remember: Never settle. You are a goddess, not dust! Tomorrow, we talk about the importance of PLEASURE!

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