Yesterday I suggested that you ask yourself the following question “If I had the power to create a life that worked for me, what would that life look like?” 

Did you?

I am going to talk about myself a little bit. Hang in there. There is a point to it.

I know my answer to that question, because I have lived that life before.  Mid 2012 – late 2015 I lived my best life. I was joyful. I was healthy. I looked great. I felt great. I loved how I made a living. I loved how I spent my time.

In 2012 I took a decision to leave my well paying corporate job, as Head of Marketing for the broadcasting division of a media company, after was told that as an executive I could no longer write for other organisations. At the time I wrote a column for a magazine which was in no way a direct competitor of my company’s brands. I LOVE writing, infinitely more than I liked that job. I asked myself this very question that I am now asking of you “If I could create a life that worked for me, what would that life look like? What would I do? What would I have? How would I be? How would I feel?” I then proceeded to create that life. Fortunately I had been a personal transformation and development coach for 6 years by then, so I had the tools to do it.

promotional flyers for my second book

Promotional flyer for my second book

Yesterday I wrote about how dysfunctional “normal” is. Part of what is normal in our society is this belief that life has to be hard, and that you have to work so hard for your dreams that more often than not it is just sensible to settle for less than your heart’s truest desires.

That is absolute and utter bullshit!

In fact, the more you align with your true longings the more the things that are in alignment with your authentic self come to you with ease. As soon as I decided to leave my job in 2012, while I was serving notice (I had a 3 month notice period) I was approached by a publisher to write a book. I love writing so I said “Yes!” and I did. It became a bestseller. Most people will tell you horror stories about writing books. They will tell you how you have to have a thick skin – because your manuscript will be rejected by countless publishers, or deep pockets – because you’ll have to end up self-publishing and then drive around selling copies out the boot of your car to recoup your investment. For me, it was easy. I was aligned. I had chosen to live true.

In late 2014/early 2015, I was approached to host a life coaching TV show – another thing I LOVE to do, (coaching that is, I had no opinion on TV). I didn’t know the first thing about being a presenter. I did not go to a single audition. The producers of the show heard me talking on radio and gave me a call. The TV show ended up on the channel’s list of 30 top rated shows. Again, easy.

Creating your best life is no where near as hard as you’ve been led to believe it is. Towards the end of 2015 I lost my path and accepted another corporate position, on the premise that working there for a few years was going to set me up for life financially. It didn’t work out like that. However, every cloud has a silver lining and I ended up with a team of women who were ready to blossom into their goddess selves. One of them is Atishca Makan. I introduced her to The Goddess Academy. Atishca is now living her best life. She left her job as well, and is doing various projects that are close to her heart – amongst others her passion project Dressed With Legacy, and working as a Future Females ambassador. Atishca made this video and asked me to share it.

In this video Atishca is referring specifically to my BHAD (Big Hairy Audacious Desires) conscious creation programme. This testimonial demonstrates that I am not lucky or magical in anyway. Anyone with enough courage can co-create their best life.

Oh, and I left that job after I literally got sick and tired – I got adrenal fatigue, and I am now back on track doing what I love, which is ensuring that no woman ever has to settle for a life that is less than her heart’s truest desires.

The BHAD conscious creation programme starts in March, and I would love you to join us. What could be more self-loving?

Tomorrow I will share more details on the programme.

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