Now that I have you feeling up your breasts, you just might be ready for something bolder and a little more esoteric.

Have you seen those #glowup pictures on social media?

glow up

There are many ways to get glowing skin, hopefully you choose to do it from the inside out; by eating healthy, drinking filtered water, getting enough play and enough rest, and limiting interactions with toxins, including toxic people and media.

However, I want to add a secret weapon to your arsenal.

You are going to use your breath to connect your sexual energy to your heart energy. Love does wonders for how you look and feel and so does sexual energy. Together they are a potent combination.

Most people know this intuitively and from experience. You know how when you are looking good and feeling yourself, there’ll be some colleague who clearly doesn’t follow feminist twitter who will comment; “You are looking good, do you have a new man?” or “Why are you so jolly and glowing? Somebody got laid I see.” Between your heart and your yoni you have all the energy you need for a glow up. All you need is your breath and intention (visualisation) to activate that sexy glow up.

Sit with your back straight.

Tune into your yoni, visualise a beautiful glowing orange light emanating from your womb area, then with your inhale visualise breathing that light up, all the way into your heart.

Imagine that your heart also has a beautiful glowing light, but this one is green – emerald green. With your exhale, send the green light down into your womb and yoni area. You are establishing this circular breath – up the back from womb to heart, down the front from heart to womb.

Make your breathing slow and deep, and do not put any pauses between the inhale and the exhales. That is don’t breath in – hold – exhale – hold. Instead breathe in – breathe out, without pauses in between. As you breathe really tune into the sensations you feel both in your heart and in your yoni. Move those sensations around with your breath as well.

After a while, or the next day, you can reverse the process and inhale the green light down from your heart into your womb/yoni area, and exhale it up from the womb/yoni area to your heart and notice what feels different.

You can do this right after your breast massage. It will be a nice ritual to add to the me time routine we spoke about on Day 13.

Just like the breast massage this breathing technique has more benefits beyond the glow up, for example many of us due to trauma (remembered or forgotten) have cut off the connection between our hearts and our yoni/womb area and this exercise can re-established that connection.

I am excited to announce that you will get an opportunity to learn these and other feminine healing and thriving techniques in the Awakening Women Path members only portal that I am launching.

Watch this space and enjoy this process of re-membering yourself.

I’d love to get some feedback on your experience with these feminine magic practices.

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