Your breasts are magical portals, which we can talk about literally for weeks on end. They provide pleasure, nourishment, comfort…I could go on, however for this #selflovefeb journey I only want to focus on one aspect – LOVE. Love of self, to be exact.

Naima on by boob

Why should other people be the only ones who have all the fun with your breasts?

Your breasts are located around the area of your heart chakra, your feeling centre. When you massage your breast, you achieve two things in this context

  • You get an opportunity to shift stuck energy. All those emotions you have shoved in your heart perhaps because they were too painful to feel. Massaging your breast helps you to move that energy. As you know stagnant energy eventually leads to dis-ease. You will notice when you get into the breast massage that it often brings up all sorts of emotions. It is not creating new emotions; it brings up emotions that you have been suppressing. You can literally heal a broken heart through breast massage, and Goddess knows we all have broken hearts on some or other level
  • It is a very direct way to send focussed loving energy, attention and touch to your feeling centre. It’s like depositing love directly into your heart.

Breast massage is also healthy for the literal health of your breast, as it stimulates blood circulation and the lymph nodes in your breast and armpits, reducing your chances of ending up with breast cancer amongst other issues. This is also a great way to detect if anything is amiss with your breasts through loving attention, unlike with the fear that tends to accompany a breast check primarily focussed on looking for lumps.


Set aside 5 – 10 minutes. You will probably start with 5 minutes, because when you are new to the practice you will find that your wrists get tired quickly from the unusual movements.

You can do this straight out of the shower or at night when you get into your jammies. You obviously need to be naked from the waist up. Have your body love potion oil on hand. Warm up your hands first, lather you hands generously with the oil.


Start by just placing your hands on your breasts. Cup your breasts for a few seconds and tune in to them, sending them loving energy.


Take your 3 middle fingers, place them next to your nipples, on your areola and start massaging the area in a circular motion. Start in one direction and then reverse directions. Please note, you are massaging the areola, not the nipples.


Next you are going to massage one breast at a time, with both hands. The breast will be massaged from four different directions. Let’s say from the North, West, South and East to make it easier for you to visualise. Imagine that the top of your breast is North. You are going to massage your breast using both hands from the top down (North to South), then you can move perhaps to the East, which would be from the outside in (East to West), from the direction of the armpit, over the nipple, towards the chest. Then you are going to come from the South, from the bottom up (South to North), over the nipple, towards your shoulders. and finally from West – from the centre of the chest outwards towards the armpit (West to East).


Now cup both breasts, with your nipples in the centre of your palm and firmly move them around in a circular motion, first in one direction (say from the outside in) and then in the opposite direction (from the inside out).


Next, you are going to place both hands on either side of your breasts along your armpits. Palms against your breasts, fingers facing down. You are going to gently but firmly massage your breast by moving the hands down, then under, then up through the middle of the chest past the heart centre and over the top. It is a circular motion of your hands going down from the outside, under the breasts, cupping the breast, coming up through the centre then over the top. You can then reverse the motion, starting with both hands in the centre with fingers facing down towards your navel.


Finish off the way you started, just by cupping your breasts and tuning into the energy moving through them as well as the emotions that are coming up for you. Take a moment to enjoy the sensations in your loved up breasts.

This is one of many invaluable techniques that any woman who wants to heal and activate her feminine energy should know and practice regularly.

I will get into many other feminine techniques in my Awakening Women Path programme which I am launching in a few days. It is a closed membership portal where I will be able to post videos demonstrating how to do such techniques and many more. Look out for the launch email in your inbox in the coming days, and enjoy your boobies.

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