I’d like to retell a story I share in my book The Goddess Bootcamp, that was told to me in varying forms by different spiritual teachers and shamans. It is the story of why we exist.


Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

In the beginning Spirit/God/Source was all there is. There was nothing else. Because It was all there was, It could know Itself but could not experience Itself. In the absence of that which is not, that which is cannot experience itself.

Spirit knew what It was, but without anything to compare Itself against there was no way of experiencing who It was. Experience of self requires an other. Like the cheeky bumper sticker that says: ‘Will you go away if I promise to miss you?” you cannot long for someone’s presence unless they are absent. You wouldn’t know hot from cold if you had only ever experienced one constant temperature. So Spirit needed something against which to experience Itself. But because It was all there is the only way it could experience Itself was by becoming more than one, by separating into seemingly separate souls. These souls would be able to experience themselves in relation to each other. They are us. We can experience ourselves in relation to each other, and through us Spirit can experience Itself. Spirit created the universe because it wanted to experience itself.

You are Spirit incarnate. You truly are a goddess. There is no reason to reshape your true self, as you originate from divinity. You have an exquisite reason to exist, fulfilling Spirit’s desire to experience Itself. All aspects of Itself, even those that we may deem as bad, shameful or unacceptable.”

Basically, beloved, God (insert whichever term you are most comfortable with) is being you.

We like to say we have God within us, but this is not entirely true. It’s like the hand saying it has a spark of the body within it. The hand is part of the body. It doesn’t have the body in it, it IS the body – the hand part of the body. The body is being the hand. Similarly, it would be inaccurate is the wave said it had some ocean in it. It is the ocean.  The ocean is being the wave. Similarly, God is being you!

Let that sink in.

Meditate on it.

Play with it.

Then ask yourself, now that you know you are God, how should you carry yourself?

Could you start, like Maya Angelou in her poem “Still I Rise”,  by dancing like you’ve got diamonds at the meeting of your thighs or  walk like you’ve got oil wells pumping in your living room?

Could you maybe be more forgiving of your “failures” and “weaknesses”?

Or maybe, you can start by actually making that trillion ingredients body oil we spoke about, surely your Divine body is worthy of it? download (7)

Love and honour yourself because GOD IS BEING YOU!

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