Many of us in our modern society are extremely touch deprived. We simply do not get enough loving touch, that is non-sexual in nature.


Touch is one of our first love languages. Have you noticed how babies, as they suckle, love to reach out a chubby little hand to cup and stroke mommy’s face? Or how young children ask for hugs and cuddles?

Touch is one of the very first senses we develop while we are still in the womb. We are tactile sense is continuously stimulated as we are caressed by amniotic fluid, cushioned, hugged and massaged by our mother’s womb.

When you lovingly touch someone you communicate tender feelings and intimacy towards them; the opposite is expressed by the refusal to have physical contact with someone. Think about how you recoil from the touch of a stranger, an enemy or someone you are upset with.

It is nice to have someone to touch and be touched by in return. However, there is nothing stopping you from giving yourself loving touch. How much loving touch are you currently giving yourself?

  • When you wash, and while applying body lotion are you present with yourself?
  • Do you care what kind of products you use on your skin?
  • Do you like the soap you use? Do you like the lotion you use? Does it feel good? Have you moved to natural, non toxic, body products?
  • Do you wear clothes that don’t feel good against your skin?
  • Do you get cheap sheets even though you can afford a decent thread count?

All these tactile experiences are how you receive touch on a daily basis.

Start being conscious and loving when you touch your body. As you wash, applying moisturiser, make-up and getting dressed or undressed. Talk to your various body parts as you touch them. Speak words of acceptance, love and appreciation.

If you can, set up a regular massage or reflexology appointment, where you can just tune out and enjoy the touch. It does wonders for you mentally, emotionally and physically.

Regular loving touch:

  • Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increases endorphins
  • Touch from someone we have a bond with increases Oxytocin, the feel good bonding/security hormone
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces perception of pain


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