The Importance of Sexual Healing

“Sexual response is connected to and in turn generates a larger sense of pleasure, meaning, and interest in the world,”

― Naomi Wolf, Vagina: Revised and Updated


You heal your sexuality, You heal your life.

If you are sexually crippled in any manner, know that to the same extent so is your creativity, sense of worth, confidence and ability to attract money amongst other things. And believe me, in our society it is near impossible to come out sexually unscathed. How much more will you be capable of once you have healed your sexual wounds?

I remain committed to my mission of making uncommon knowledge accessible to enable you to create the life you want, instead of settling for what you think you can have.

There is never any need to settle. YOU ARE A GODDESS, NOT DUST.

Join me, along with Fairy godmother Donna McCallum and Top Psychic Shannon Walbran on the 1st of October as we tackle 3 “taboo” subjects – sex (in the context explained above), money and spiritual guidance at the Sex, Money and Angels seminar.

Get your tickets here.

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