I went to vist at Kaya FM on Monday for the Top 10 and 10 with T-bose and we had a nice chat about Mojo. What is your Mojo? How does one lose their Mojo, and more importantly how do you get it back?

Find out why I advised a caller to break up with her dream guy and the right way to handle the “list”. You know the list, the perfect guy list.

3 thoughts on “#needmymojoback

  1. no1beloved says:

    Thank you Kagiso,I listened. I must say, it felt like you were talking about me. It was my “perfect guy’s” birthday yesterday, after i wished him a happy birthday, i “broke up” with him. I was hurting myself because I thought he was perfect for me, but yesterday, you’ve opened my eyes.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Dimakatso says:

    Hi Kagiso, yesterday’s interview with Those was awesome. Please post the information of the next bootcamp. My friends and I really want to attend.

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