Be Full of Yourself

Do you have a spare room in your house?

How long have you found a spare room to remain empty for? Not very long. Soon they turn into the place where you throw all the miscellaneous stuff with no clear purpose.

This is what happens with the days of your life if they are not directed towards a clear purpose. Your days fill with stuff.

You are busy. You do things, BUT because you do not have an AIM all this activity and resource expansion is AIMLESS.


It’s true. If you don’t build your own dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs. This does not only apply to big dreams, it applies even to small plans. The person with the clearest agenda is the one with the most power and influence. Imagine that you and I are friends, and I am very clear that I plan to go hiking this weekend, and you have no plans at all for the weekend. My chances of convincing you to come hiking with me are much higher than if you had plans of your own.

How much of your energy expansion is aimless or serving other people’s purpose?

Have goals, have plans, have a mission. Be purposeful.

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