Feeling Fun and Changing The World


My business cards state my occupation as Cheerleader and Liberator of Women. Don’t you like how I phrase that like I had nothing to do with it?

A lot of my time is devoted to getting people to appreciate the value of the feminine. This is so thoroughly a man’s world that even women don’t notice a lot of the anti-feminine (no, I was not going for sexist)  bias.

Check your reaction to these two scenarios:

Mommy 1 buys her girl toddler toy cars and action figures. Mom 2 gets her son dolls and make-up sets. I bet you felt that Mommy 1 is smart and progressive, while the actions of Mommy 2 are at the least weird and at worst downright irresponsible. After all, the right way to do things in this world is like a man. Amazon.com has over 180 titles dedicated to teaching women how to do various…

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