It’s Tom Ford


I am very picky. Everybody who knows me, even just a little, will tell you that I am near impossible to please. I also have a very acute sense of smell, so this goes doubly so for scents.

If you are going to buy me perfume, save the receipt. There is a 49% chance that it will give me a headache, a 49% chance that I simply won’t like the smell…the odds are not in your favour.

Once we were at a party and a friend of mine, Lulu whipped a little black container out of her bag, declared “You are gonna love this!” grabbed my arm and proceeded to liberally anoint my arm with some scented oil. I pulled my arm away protesting “Don’t put that much, what if I don’t like it?”

She stopped, looked at me like I’d just suffered brain damage in the few seconds that she was rummaging in her bag for this potion, straighten up to her full height, looked me dead in the eyes and said “Of course you are going to like it, it’s Tom Ford”

What are you that confident about?

I truly want to know.
I did like it, btw. It’s Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Great for nights when you’ve a mission to accomplish.

One thought on “It’s Tom Ford

  1. Dineo Maboe says:

    My spirituality. And that I am intelligence and am sensitive to energies, so I must choose my company carefully.

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