The Goddess Bootcamp: The Book

It is amazing that The Goddess Bootcamp is only 2 and a half months old. It has made quite an impact and I get daily inquiries about where people can get the book. It can be purchased from CNA, Exclusive Books and even directly from the publisher Jacana. and Jacana have digital versions of the book as well.


I cannot give one-on-one coaching to all the women who seek it, and to be honest many are unwilling or unable to invest the amount of money required for an empowerment coach, which is what makes this book so perfect. It is like receiving long-distance coaching.


The book was only launched on the 8th of November!

Booklaunch B and I

My other baby was there.


And so were friends, old and new.


My superwoman publisher Melinda Ferguson.


and the very dodgy entertainment, from my no. 1 goddess.

2 thoughts on “The Goddess Bootcamp: The Book

  1. zoey says:

    I cant wait to buy the book! will give you my honest opinion once I’m done. But from what I saw on the Noleen 3talk show, I am sure that I am going to love it!

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