The Diary Of A Bag Lady

Love this post. So true.

The Diary of a Bag Lady

They say never compliment a man or give him much praise or his ego you will certainly raise.

Don’t express your love or gratitude or he’ll turn around and abuse- your heart, your mind and your precious time.

Never tell him about your past or the times you secretly wanted to cry instead of laugh.

As a woman you must be tough-don’t ever drop your guard or reveal your bluff.

Be a fighter–don’t let them see you sweat, always accept the blows and smile when you’re upset.

But what about the boys who desire to become men?

Do we allow them the privilege to witness the spin?

To understand what it means to love and be loved by their women?

Or should they simply stand tall, show no emotion and play hero to your call?

It’s funny how much we desire is actually the same, yet all we have are instructions to…

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