Nhlanhla Msimango’s 3Ps

Nonhlanhla “Nhlanhla Mane” Msimango

My Simple FREE Pleasures

  • Coming home to my niece Sparkle’s welcoming “Nhlanhla mane”
  • My Sunday series re-runs. There is nothing better than parking on the couch in your PJs with the people you love and the occasional welcomed interruption from family.
  • Listening to music. It grounds me. Getting my daily fix of my favourite artists.
  • Blogging. I love words, a lot. It’s amazing how often people don’t take note of how words affect how you feel. Blogging makes me feel like I’m contributing to a bigger world.

I am passionate about:

  • Okay, maybe I am a little obsessive about good looking underwear. I really LOVE lingerie and the art of creating it. More importantly, how it looks and feels.
  • My family and friends; they form part of the fabric that makes me, ME.
  • My career. I love radio. There is always something new, like how many varied opinions people can have on the same thing.
  • My heart. Having a good heart (the organ included) is important to me;  being empathetic and considerate of other people’s feelings. Being able to love selflessly and completely, irrespective of the outcome (sometimes)

My PURPOSE at the moment is to be the best person I can be to myself and my family. To be able to wake up with a smile on my face everyday and enthusiasm to take on the day ahead. To be as creative as I can get myself be.

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