The 3Ps of my divalicious life

You can’t help but love your life if it is filled with Pleasure, Passion and Purpose, the three Ps of a divalicious life

I get a free dose of Vitamin PLEASURE from

  1. Making my daughter, Sparkle, laugh. Her laugh makes me laugh. Bliss.
  2. Reading books in bed by candlelight
  3. Writing: stories, ideas, dreams,poems even questions. I have notebooks every where. In my car, bag, bedside drawer, laptop bag…
  4. Pottering in the garden.
  5. Taking nature walks.

The best things in life are free!


  • I am passionate about inspiring and supporting people choose lives they love, especially women.
  • I love helping people see the best in themselves.
  • I love helping dreamers who do.
  • I enjoy debunking the myth that “life’s a bitch and then you die”
  • I LOVE nature and animals.
  • I am a big fan of babies. They are such experts at having fun.
  • I want to put cheese, but I’m scared you’ll judge me. Boy, do I love cheese.

MY PURPOSE is to leave the world lighter, happier, easier, more blissful than I found it.

One thought on “The 3Ps of my divalicious life

  1. Queen Ramotsehoa says:

    Hi Kagiso,

    you are a real inspiration to me, and I know to Tshepi…I just love the way you make living your dream sooo sooo easy…I am struggling at the moment…and ommit to keep at it, because you inspire me soo much!

    Love. Queen.

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