Who’s the Boss?


Why does Mother Nature seem to scatter facsimiles of female genitalia about?

by toastforbrekkie

by toastforbrekkie from flickr.com

where ever you look…there it is

by dooneling

by dooneling from flickr.com

is she really that proud of this particular creation?

by jkob

by jkob from flickr.com

the picture below has the  answer

ihaveapussy ain’t that the truth?

Whoever owns the pussy makes the rules. And  not because guys are always trying to get at  it…well that does give you a certain amount of  control over them but for a far more  profound reason.

Universal law states that As Within, So Without: that is, your outer world will always reflect your inner world – the experiences you have in the world are merely a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

Who ever OWNS the pussy makes the rules. All women HAVE one, but very few OWN it. Many of us carry it around for our lovers, husbands, boyfriends, booty calls…

Because that’s what we were taught, nice girls at best act like they are baby sitting it for their current or future man.

Symbolically your sexuality represents your  feminine power, creativity and pleasure so the  relationship that you have with your sexuality  has a direct impact on your power, pleasure  and creativity.

Time to take your power back.

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